We sent one of our maintenance men in to secure a house in Federal Way yesterday.  We finally got the squatter out and didn’t want her (or her boyfriend) or his friends) to return.  But when our guy opened the front door and took one step inside he was viciously attacked by fleas!

OK, ‘vicious’ might be a little strong to use with fleas.  But the little guys came after his ankles, hair and any other exposed part of his body like a starving man at the buffet line!  So our guy never got the house secured.  The fleas wouldn’t let him.  There might as well have been a Doberman Pincer standing guard.

Instead he fired off several flea bombs and vowed to come back today and take another shot at the locks.  The irony is the fleas picked a fight with the wrong guy.  Our guy used to do pest control.  That means he will win!!

The dumpster arrives tomorrow to begin the clean out and clean up of the place — it is a mess!  Hopefully the guys will be able to do their work unfettered.  But even so, I am pretty sure we have not seen the last of the fleas.  I am confident there are eggs in there incubating that will require multiple bomb treatments.

What was weird was that only a week earlier we had walked through the house without any issues.  Then the owner spent the past week picking through some of the stuff looking for valuables.  She must have disturbed something because a week later the fleas had taken over and claimed the house as their own!!

Peter Nelson is President of Full Service Property Management.  For more information on his company, visit www.fullservicepm.com.

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