Brandishing the knife!

Wild story — the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty!).

Auntie Jane flies out to Seattle to kick her niece Meghan out of the house that she owns but Meghan has been squatting in.  She shows up to the front door, knocks, then tries the doorbell  No answer.  But there are not one but two cars in the driveway.  Hmmmm.

So she jimmies a back door lock and lets herself into the house.  It is a split level home and she rambles around downstairs and no one is home.  She goes upstairs but there is still no one up there to greet her.  So she goes into the kitchen and grabs a knife.  You know the kind I am talking about — one of those big, long, shiny ones!  She walks down the hall with the knife peeking into each of the rooms as she goes.  Still no one.

At the end of the hall the door to the master bedroom is locked.  Knocking would be too easy.  She kicks the door down!  Brandishing the kitchen knife in one hand she takes a step inside the bedroom and peers into the closet.  Her niece is standing in the closet buck naked whle a man is standing in the middle of the room with nothing on but some boxer shorts with his back to the door!!  He won’t even not turn around and look auntie in the face.

Still brandishing the knife, the auntie explains to Meghan (and her beau) it is time to leave the house!!  The niece, a little terrified at the events that just occurred and still noticing the knife shining in the aunt’s hand is in full agreement!

Now that’s what I call: 1) getting a person’s attention, and; 2) takin’ care of business!!  Of course, we could never get away with something like that.  (And no way did we ever advise auntie to go in that direction!)  But hearing the story just made me laugh.  I could only imagine the stark terror of little niece going from a situation of rolling on the floor with her boyfriend to standing in a closet buck naked looking at a crazed auntie with a knife in her hand!!  The image is priceless!

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