Halloween in July!

Took my son out into the woods near Cougar Mountain to get the keys from a tenant and take over possession of the house after we had given them a 20-day notice to vacate.  This place was out in the boonies, but we ended up entering an upscale community.  We wind around some streets and find a thin, steep, uphill driveway and go up it and park at the top of the driveway with a burned out Beetle and 2 other cars of dubious distinction.

At the top is a large cedar home with 2 garage doors, and a 2nd story entrance around the corner in the front of the house.  There is lots of trash lying around and off in the woods and I am thinking “Is this our huose?”  To make matters worse, the front stairway leading up to the front door is missing the first 6-8 steps and the whole thing looks like it is one good storm away from turning into kindling!!  I look at my son with a very questionable look and proceed around the rest of the house for a look.

On the back side of the house is a 2nd story deck — probably off the kitchen or living room.  There are 2 4×4 posts along the outside edge holding the deck up.  (The rest of the deck is attached to the house.)  Only one of the 4×4 posts is canted at a huge angle!!  That deck wouldn’t be able to take the weight of a hummingbird!!

We had seen enough.  This was Halloween in July!  We scrambled back into the van and shot on down the driveway like it was a Grand Prix car race!  We were relieved to read the numbers on the mailbox and see we really wanted the house next door.  Whew!!


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