The “art” of posting notices.

First off, please check with state and local laws before using any of the ideas given here.  We are not lawyers nor are we attempting to give legal advice.

Posting a notice can be as simple as taping it to a door and/or slipping it into the mail.  But with a little additional forethought you can turn a potentially litigious situation into a positive one.  That’s because most tenants do not take too kindly to coming home to notices paste to their door!

First and foremost, always conduct your business with dignity, respect, and honesty.  Anything less is never appreciated and usually backfires and causes more heartache for all involved.  Be honest and forthright, but also try to put a positive spin on things.  For instance, instead of telling some tenants “You really suck!  We can’t wait to get your sorry butts out of here!” you might try a softer approach such as “While we appreciate your tenancy here, we have decided to move in a different direction.”

In most instances we will give the tenant a courtesy call explaining that we will be over to post a notice and the reason why.  If the notice demands an action on their part (such as pay rent or comply with a lease requirement) we will usually explain to them that this is simply a formality, and that as long as they follow through on their promise or requirement then they have nothing to worry about.  We might also remind them, though, that we are keen with our intent….that if things do not go as expected that we will be enforcing the notice.  Communication is the key.  But not just communication but good communication where both parties are on the same page and understand each other.

This is the third and final part of a 3-part series on dealing with bad tenants.  To read the other two parts, go to the blog of Full Service Property Management at

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