What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Day

I have an on-going (and life-long) interest in success.  Why do some people succeed and others don’t?  What is success?  I will save those deep questions for another time!

The first hour of the day is critically important to success — the achievement of goals.  How you spend it can make a huge difference between success and failure. I ran across this article What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Day and found some good take-aways from it.

What do I do?  I swim one mile three times a week to start the morning off.  I believe a healthy and fit body is the start to an healthy mind, which is essential to success.  After that I will close the door to my home office and spend an hour to an hour and a half in various activities.

One morning I might be pouring over financials and getting “the big picture”.  The next morning might be spent documenting procedures or policies.  Still another morning might be spent scheduling the maintenance crew.  One thing each of these activities has in common is they all move us closer to our stated goal of being a successful property management company.

I took two things away from this article: 1) stay away from the emails during this hour, and; 2) follow Tony Robbins’ idea of positive reinforcement and being grateful that first hour.  We can’t expect every day to start off perfectly.  But there are things we can to assure that we have a fighting chance for a great day and it starts with that first hour!!

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